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The History of Beer

A history of beer from the website, This is a concise timeline of beer history by Prof. Linda Raley, Texas Tech University.

History of Beer

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing pint of beer, but did you know there is 10,000 years of history in this glass? Beer has been poured since prehistory. Slurped by Hunter- Gatherers & Pyramid Builders, Pharaohs, Vikings, the Inca and the Irish. Chugged from jugs, horns, skulls, steins, and even through golden straws used to pierce through a warm crusty yeast cake. Yeap crusty yeast cake, we’ll get to that. So what is the history of beer, how did it save humanity, and can a hangover be a religious experience? Well, Let’s Find Out.

History of Beer - Building a Civilization - Extra History - #1

Just how old IS beer? Join us as we dive into Part 1 of the History of Beer and the civilization that has been built around it. Starting from the neolithic era and the theories on how it was invented. To the ancient recipes that were found in the Goddess Ninkasi ruins. The history of beer has a long and bountiful past, so grab a pint and have a seat!

Times In History Beer Changed the World

There are so many ways beer changed history, you have to wonders what kind of world we would live in if the vital, hoppy nectar had never been invented. From the earliest civilizations to the modern day, beer has had a major impact on the trajectory of history. Read on for a deeper understanding of how and why the carbonated delight changed the world.

A brief history of alcohol - Rod Phillips

Trace the 7,000 year old history of alcohol, from its first known origins in China to cultures all over the world fermenting their own drinks. — Nobody knows exactly when humans began to create fermented beverages. The earliest known evidence comes from 7,000 BCE in China, where residue in clay pots has revealed that people were making an alcoholic beverage from fermented rice, millet, grapes, and honey. So how did alcohol come to fuel global trade and exploration? Rod Phillips explores the evolution of alcohol.

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