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Just The Facts

Three-Tier System

  • The distributor became an important link between the brewer and the retailer in the years following the repeal of prohibition and the establishment of the 21st Amendment allowing states to control alcohol sales and distribution.
  • Distributors are the locally owned, family-run businesses who are responsible for:
    -Opening markets to a wide variety of brands.
    -Delivering and supplying smaller cities, towns and territories regularly.
    -Preserving fair competition between large and small retailers and establishments.
    -Efficient collection of state and federal taxes in a timely manner.
    -Maintaining responsible marketing of beer locally.
    -Implementing regulations to prevent abuse and unlawful distribution.
    -Funding responsible and moderate consumption programs and campaigns.

To serve members and protect their common economic, legislative, regulatory and political interests.


  • To enact and maintain our legislative agenda
  • To promote and enhance social acceptance of our products and industry
  • To provide quality value-added member services
  • To provide communication services to our members

The beer industry actively promotes responsible consumption of our products and is making a difference.


Updated Febrary 2018
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