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The Mission of the corporation shall be to represent the business interests of the Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association and its members. The corporation is committed to promoting the responsible use of its products, fair and effective government regulation, and active participation in legislative affairs affecting the malt beverage industry. The corporation shall actively work with suppliers, retailers, and other industry members to ensure the vitality of the three tier system.

2017 - 2018 Officers and Board of Directors

At-Large Representative
Ted Brooks
United Beverage Company
816-842-4423 Fax

Immediate Past Chairwoman 
At-Large Representative
Shelly Tate Kussman
Kinkhorst Brunswick Distributing Company
660-548-3988 Fax

Immediate Past Chairman 
Joe Priesmeyer
N. H. Scheppers Distributing Company
573-875-4851 Fax

Chairman Elect
Morgan M. Fechtel
Fechtel Beverage & Sales
573-636-9559 Fax

Secretary District 1
Greg Lloyd
Lloyd Distributing Company
660-665-1908 Fax

Treasurer District 2
Robert Edwards
Grellner Sales & Service
573-426-4422 Fax

Board Member District 1
Paul Beykirch
County Distributing Company
660-829-1800 ext. 211
660-826-8257 Fax

Board Member District 2 
Chris Shrum
Luecke Distributing Company
573-785-4443 Fax

Board Member 
At-Large Representative
Chuck Herrell
H.W. Herrell Distributing Company
636-464-0100 (O) 
636-464-3016 Fax
636-262-2476 (C)

NBWA Director 
Joe Priesmeyer
State of Missouri 
N. H. Scheppers Distributing Company
573-875-4851 Fax


Updated February 2018
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