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The Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation organized to promote and protect the general welfare and interest of wholesale beer distributors in Missouri.

In July of 1972 the first Articles of Incorporation were notarized establishing the Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association. Mr. Charles Fechtel, Mr. Frank Evans and Mr. Bob Ralph were part of the original signatures and their families are still operating as a family business today.

The MBWA has had a profound impact on the business of beer distribution in the state of Missouri, because as an organization it has done well in binding its members together to further their mutual interest.

One of the keys to success must be focused on present-day society's concerns about alcohol abuse and problems of underage drinking. We are employers, taxpayers, community activists, charitable contributors and most of all, parents and neighbors. We continue to play a positive role in society as conscientious participants and active leaders in promoting responsible consumption of our products be adults.


Welcome to the World of Beer Wholesaling in Missouri – Delivering your favorite beverages to licensed retailers throughout the State of Missouri. For over (40) years the Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association (MBWA) has served as the membership organization for the beer distributor industry in the state of Missouri. I am proud to serve as MBWA’s President/CEO – Mary Strate


Updated May 2016
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